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{ C2 }  SNJ Today  |  OCTOBER 13, 2021                                                                          OCTOBER 13, 2021  |  { C3 }
 Cruise / Car Guide  In the Market for a                                                                                as much of your vehicle’s value
                                                                                                                        important to take steps to maintain
     New or Used Car?
                                                                                                                        as possible and protect yourself
     Keep These Four                                                                                                    against the inevitable depreciation.
     Tips in Mind                                                                                                       Here are four tips that can help:
                                                                                                                          1. Buy a vehicle with a high
        (StatePoint) If you’re in the                                                                                   resale value. A study from Fleet
     market for a new or used car…                                                                                      Financials found that within the
     you’re not in luck. According to                                                                                   same year, mid-size sedans depre-
     CarGurus, the average price of                                                                                     ciated 17.5 percent while compact
     a used car in mid-May of 2021                                                                                      crossovers only depreciated 12 per-
     was over $25,000, nearly $5,000                                                                                    cent.
     more than the previous year. The                                                                                     2. Take care of your car. Cars
     inflated prices are largely due to                                                                                  in better condition with fewer
     a global automotive microchip                                                                                      miles, under 100,000 according to
     shortage that affected the produc-                                                                                 CarsDirect, will re-sell at higher
     tion of new cars, in turn creating                                                                                 rates. Stay on top of service and
     higher demand for used vehicles.                                                                                   maintenance, address any issues as
        In addition to paying more                                                                                      soon as possible and avoid unnec-
     for a car that is harder to find,                                                                                   essary modifications such as win-
     your vehicle will almost always                                                                                    dow lettering.
     depreciate the minute it’s driven                                                                                    3. Opt for used rather than
     off the lot. Plus, should your car                                                                                 new. According to,
     be damaged in a crash, you might                                                                                   the average car will be worth just
     not even receive enough money                                                                                      40 percent of its purchase price
     from your insurance company                                                                                        after five years. By choosing a
     to replace it, unless you have the                                                                                 five-year-old vehicle rather than
     right coverage.                                                                                                    a brand-new one, customers can
 cars only. They must be 1974 or older,   Given the current issues with
 unless it is a highly modified late-model   pricing and demand, it’s especially                                         save significantly.
 or a car entering with a legitimate car   ALL PHOTOS: JACK CARR                                                                    Continued on next page
 club. No motorcycles, bikes, foreign
 cars, or partially primed vehicles will be
 allowed. Period correct cars are allowed   Join Us at the 5th Annual
        Join Us at the 29th Annual
 upon approval. Admission is subject to the
 Cruise Down Memory Lane staging and   CRUISE DOWN MEMORY LANE
 gate personnel. Ineligible vehicles will be   FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL ON THE AVE
 towed away at the owner’s expense. No
 special parking arrangements and no alco- AUGUST 22ND - 11am-7pm  Mini-Parks at Landis Avenue & Blvd.
       OCTOBER 16TH • 3pm – 8pm • Landis Avenue • Vineland
 holic beverages will be allowed. Any car                                                   Join John Salvatore from The Positive
 club entry must enter the gates with their                                                  Perspective Show Live on Location
 club.                                                                                         and Stop by the POP FM Tent to
 “Thousands of people—classic car                                                               register for great giveaways!
 buffs and people just out to have some
 fun—all love this longtime Vineland tradi-
 tion which brings back the days of muscle   Search  Location  FILTER                 The Xspero Big Give is sponsored by
 cars, chrome, and fins,” said Main Street
 Vineland Executive Director Russell   $ 2,500           in Gift Certi cates to your
 Swanson. “We’re proud of this iconic   Sidelines East Sports Bar  favorite local businesses
                                                                                           SLER DODGE JEEP & R
 event—which has been going strong for                   will be given away.            CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP & RAM
 over a quarter of a century and which
 draws people to Vineland from all over   Harrison House Diner  EVERYONE WINS!!
 and makes our downtown a true destina-  Restaurants
 tion for fun events.”
 “We’re especially happy about bring-   All you need to do is download the Xspero™ app.
 ing this event back after a year’s absence,   Visit the Xspero tent at the event.
 and about bringing back the cruise portion   Play Plinko and WIN!
 of the event—putting the ‘cruise’ back in
 Cruise Down Memory Lane,” said Main
 Street Vineland Associate Director Robert
 Scarpa. “This is good news for all con-                                                                                         VANNHASIT.COM
 cerned.”                               Giving feels good.   www  .Xsper o . . c om                899 S. Delsea Drive    |    Vineland, NJ  08360     |    Sales: 856.521.5559
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