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                                             AUGUST 4, 2021                                                         Five Points Inn
                                                                                           VOLUME 14  • ISSUE 25

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     Young at  Art                                                                                                County To Hold Day of

                                                                                                                  Remembrance for Lives

                                                                                                                     In conjunction with the City
                                                                               Art	Creates	Excellence	            Lost During Pandemic

                                                                                                                  of  Bridgeton and the Bridgeton
                                                                             summer	camp	taps	into	               Ministerial Association, the
                                                                                     artistic	expression	         Cumberland County Board of
                                                                                                                  Commissioners is sponsoring a Day of
                                                                                           of	area	youth.	        Remembrance on Saturday, August
                                                                                                                  7, at 6 p.m. at the Bridgeton City
                                                                                                                  Park’s Amphitheater at Sunset Lake. A
                                                                              By Marianne Lods,                   memorial  service, led by the Bridgeton
                                                                              Executive Director, Millville       Christian Ministers Association, will
                                                                              Development Corporation             include a symbolic candle lighting,
                                                                                                                  prayers, psalms and songs to remember
                                                                                   s usual, the summer months are fly-  and honor family and friends who have
                                                                                   ing past us, and we are all planning   died during the COVID pandemic.
                                                                             Afor the new school year and really     Board of Commissioners Director
                                                                             hopeful that our children will be able to   Joseph Derella is asking that all bells
                                                                             enjoy in-person learning and socializing   within the county be rung in unison at
                                                                             again. Some of our kids did very well with   6:30 p.m.
                                                                             virtual classes, while others struggled.    “I hope everyone takes  advantage
                                                                                We here in the Millville Arts District   of this special opportunity to come
                                                                             were happy to provide the Art Creates   together as a Cumberland County fam-
                                                                             Excellence experience to 41 children ages   ily,” Derella says. “If you  can’t come
                                                                             7 to 18. The artistic curriculum revolved   to the event, grab a bell and join us at
                                                                             around the diverse communities that live   6:30 in ringing out our message of love,
                                                                                 Ha      v  e an E             v  ent?
                                                                                 Have an Event?
                                                                                                                  respect and hope.”
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