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      Schematic provided in the CHANJ manual of the turtle passage system on opposite page.
      Drift fencing funnels reptiles and amphibians for safer passage.
                                                                                  *Offer valid with frames tagged $49 (with SV lenses). Eye exam alone priced $39.
      can consider these new concepts when   I have greatly simplified the      All eye exams performed by Dr. Christopher Mrochko. NJ Optometrist Lic#27OA00607700
      replacing old drains, especially if they’re   complexity of what is available to you
      located in an area where a wildlife   using the CHANJ program. If this      856.507.1800 |
      connection would be valuable.       interests you, please look at the NJ Fish     301 South Main Road (Maintree Shopping Center) Vineland, NJ
        In addition to the opportunity to   and Wildlife website to see the extent
      improve these culverts, the maps show   of this massive undertaking. Each of the
      where efforts are underway in New Jersey   projects is fascinating in and of itself.
      and where they are planned—road wildlife   Connecting landscapes is the only hope
      mitigation projects. You will notice that the   we have in this urbanized landscape    SPEED
      Garden State Parkway has been working   for animals to be protected, in order
      on a number of safer crossings. NJ Fish   to maintain biodiversity and for the
      and Wildlife has a short video tutorial (12   enjoyment of this and future generations.
      minutes) demonstrating how to use the   Here at CU Maurice River we are
      maps and a copy of the guidance document.   continually teaching people about                  POWER
      The maps are fun and include a feature   backyard habitat, which is one way that
      that can even hone in on where you are, so   property owners can make their property
      you can check out your digs. They display   part of that connectivity. You may be
 including New Jersey, have been working  lots of data on the “core habitats”—their   aware of entomologist Doug Tallamy’s   PERFORMANCE
 in a regional partnership called North   current rated connections, protected space,   writings where he explains how we can
 Atlantic Aquatic Connectivity Collaborative  waterways, roads, watershed drainage   each become part of the nation’s largest
 or NAACC, collecting data to assess road-  lines, parcel data, county lines, vernal pools,   collective national park if we simply make   Walt s ’
 stream crossings and rate their suitability   and all kinds of other interesting factors.  an effort by choosing native plants for our
 for safe passage. Each is graded on a scale   Living in southern New Jersey you   yards.
 from no barrier, to significant barrier, to   may have seen smaller passages used   Beyond a moral obligation to the
 no crossing. Many sites still need to be   in conjunction with silt fences to assist   natural world, know that as living
 surveyed and data accumulated. In 2019   diamondback terrapins to cross safely   things we are all inter-related and our
 about 269 of an estimated 9,128, or three   beneath the road, especially during   very survival depends upon being good
 percent, had been inventoried and scored   breeding season when they move greater   stewards of the environment and of the
 for aquatic and terrestrial passability.   distances. NJ Fish and Wildlife also has   creatures around us. n
 These data are included in the CHANJ  specially designed under-the-road tunnels
 mapping along with the ratings. The   to assist turtles in central Jersey. It is   Sources      (856) 769-3962
 CHANJ Guidance Document cites as an   equipped with a counter and at times with   NJ Fish and Wildlife materials
 example a culvert where stream edges   surveillance equipment to continually   CHANJ – Connecting Habitat Across   539 Watsons Mill Rd | Woodstown, NJ 08098
 lap its sides. This can be widened to offer   evaluate its effectiveness. These studies   NJ, Guidance Document  MON - FRI: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | SAT: 8:00 a.m.
 dry passage along with water passage.   will allow biologists and engineers to make   Forman and Alexander 1998
 Municipal, county, and state road designers  future design modifications if necessary.  Website:   New and Used Equipment Sales • Service and Repair • Accessories
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