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                                                                                                   Please join us in support of:
                                                                                           Everett Marshall Charities

     setback to that life.                lot so I could have flunked,” he told me.
        “My only problem was I couldn’t social   “But the examiner said I seemed like a nice   16th Annual Golf Tournament
     distance from my refrigerator,” he said,   elderly man and she passed me.
     admitting he gained almost 20 pounds.  “That’s not all—my wife says I’m a better    Proceeds to benefit the Burn Foundation
        Marshall’s life, while normal under his   driver now than when I had legs.”
     ironclad optimistic standards, is actually   While many a person would have been
 manager. He coached and umpired youth                                                                     Friday, August 6, 2021
 baseball for decades and worked with   challenging. There’s a stumble control   thoroughly defeated by such a trauma and
 former major leaguer Don Money in   implanted in his leg and he has to be careful   the lifelong limitations, Marshall simply   White Oaks Country Club
 running the Sacred Heart High School and   with stairs. He rides in his wheelchair   refuses to be.
 men’s semi-pro Forest Grove teams. He   whenever there’d be too much walking.   He’s going to Albuquerque in the fall for   Join us for golf or just dinner!
 played a lot of golf—but now, he says, “not   Rehabilitation therapy is tough.   a Matchbox convention. He travels with his   Golf & Dinner: $100 • Dinner Only: $40
 so much.”  He can still cook, but “only sometimes.”   son Matthew to help run HAZMAT safety
  He’s a storyteller with an edgy sense   He said he can bike just 10 or 12 miles   seminars. (There’s never been a credibility   Registration Fee Due: August 2, 2021
 of humor. He’s a world-class collector   a day now and rode in a “half —not a   issue, he said.) He commutes often to South
 of Matchbox cars and paraphernalia; his   full—marathon.” He’s relegated to driving   Jersey to see family and friends and lead   Sponsorships Available
 Newfield museum holds more than 50,000   a modified, hand control SUV after not   museum tours.
 items.  driving at all for a long time.    He’s coming here for the 16th                                          (Tee box signs, prices, etc.)
 Community legend is not an   “At first, I had trouble stepping into the   Annual Everett Marshall Charities Golf
 exaggeration. He and Christine, his wife   SUV,” he said. “But when they replaced my   Tournament on August 6.    Please make checks payable to
 of 49 years, moved to Lighthouse Point,   computerized right leg with a new one, I   “My friends started it after the accident   Everett Marshall Charities • PO Box 977 • Newfield NJ 08344
 Florida 10 years ago to be closer to family   was able to turn it around completely 360   as an incentive for me to get me out of the
 members. In all, they have three children   degrees and that solved the problem.”  hospital,” he explained.  For more information or reservations contact:
 and six grandchildren. He credits his   He described a related difficulty few of   Everett is back in baseball, too, coaching   Everett Marshall • 609-381-2332 •
 immediate and extended families with   us have had since age 17: He had to get a   a recreation league team of 12-year-olds.  “Even within boundaries, the possibilities are endless...”
 giving him the willpower to slowly rebuild   hand control driver’s license and actually   “I ride down there in my wheelchair and
 his life.  take a test.                  I love it—just helping the kids as much as I
 The coronavirus crisis was only a mild   “I disregarded a stop sign in the parking   can,” he said. n

      Resiliency and Adaptability...
      Resiliency and Adaptability                                                      ...


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