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     former Underwood Memorial Hospital   encourage EV adoption and get us closer to
     launched a Family Medicine program that   100 percent clean energy by 2050.”  The Science Behind the Decision: New
     continued through 2020.                According to the program’s
                                          administrator, Center for Sustainable   COVID-19 Vaccine Guidelines for Children 12-15
                                          Energy (CSE), more than 7,000 drivers    Source: Inspira Health
                                          utilized the incentive in Year 1. Due to
                                          the program’s overwhelming popularity,   The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has extended its emergency use
                                          funding for Year 1 was completely     authorization (EUA) of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine to adolescents 12 years
                                          committed by December 2020. Now, only   of age and older. These new guidelines come following several clinical trials
                                          EVs ordered, purchased, or leased after   showing participants between 12 and 15 years of age who received Pfizer’s
                                          the Year 2 launch are eligible to receive an   vaccine were protected against laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 illness. Being
                                          incentive.                            vaccinated is our strongest defense in the fight against COVID-19 and now our
                                            Year 2 of the Charge Up program     teens can be protected too.
                                          builds upon the success of Year 1 and    “The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine is an mRNA vaccine—it tells the
                                          includes important modifications to the   body how to create antibodies against COVID-19 and does not contain any virus
                                          program to increase adoption, extend   particles,” said Haytham Hamwi, M.D., a Nemours Children’s Health pediatrician
     Transitional Year resident Rylen Stratford,   funding availability and encourage buyers   and pediatric hospitalist at Inspira Medical Center Mullica Hill. “As these new
 “The care that patients receive at Inspira  D.O., left, and first-year Family Medicine   who may not otherwise consider making
 Mullica Hill is already state-of-the-art,”   resident Laurel Macey, M.D., right, meet   the switch to electric. The program will be   recommendations come out, we need to trust the same science that kept us safe
 said Michael Geria, D.O., vice president   with hospitalist Bibbin George, M.D., seated,  comprised of a two-tier incentive based on   throughout the pandemic.”
 of Academic Affairs and director of the   and Meagan Vermeulen, M.D., program   the final manufacturer’s suggested retail
 residency program. “Having residents   director of Family Medicine residency for   price (MSRP). EVs with an MSRP up to   Data-Driven Decisions: In the United States study of participants aged 12 to
 in-house and around the clock, armed with  Inspira Medical Centers Mullica and Elmer.  $45,000 are eligible for $25 for each mile   15, there were no laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the 1,005 vaccine
 the latest education that medical schools      of all-electric driving range as determined   recipients and just 16 cases of COVID-19 in the 978 placebo recipients— the
 around the country can offer, will only   State Enters Year 2 of   by the U.S. Environmental Protection   vaccine was 100% effective against COVID-19 infection.
 enhance that care.”                      Agency (EPA) ratings, up to $5,000.      “Compared to adults, COVID-19 is less severe in children and adolescents
 Inspira’s residency and fellowship   Charge Up Electric Vehicle   Eligible EV models with 200 miles   who test positive for the virus. But this virus does not discriminate. It can cause
 programs offer one-of-a-kind educational   Rebate Program  or more of EPA-rated all-electric range   lifelong complications, hospitalizations and, in extreme cases, death,” said
 opportunities for young physicians who   The New Jersey Board of Public   receive the maximum amount. EVs   Dr. Hamwi. “If you have the opportunity to vaccinate your child, we strongly
 receive real-world training by working side- Utilities (NJBPU) opened Year 2 of its   with an MSRP between $45,000 and   recommend doing so. It could save your child and those around them.”
 by-side with highly skilled and experienced  Charge Up New Jersey electric vehicle   $55,000 receive $25 for each mile of all-
 members of the Inspira medical staff.   (EV) incentive program recently taking   electric EPA driving range, up to $2,000.   Easing Vaccine Concerns with Science: A common concern about
 Residents receive dynamic hands-on and   one more step toward the Murphy   Incentives are limited to vehicles with a   adolescents getting a COVID-19 vaccine is the potential side effects. Scientific
 classroom training from more than 100   Administration’s goal of getting 330,000   final MSRP of less than $55,000.  evidence to date shows that side effects have been manageable.
 physicians who make up the residency   EVs on the road by 2025. Charge Up New   Qualifying vehicles include battery   “Vaccine side effects are common. They’re your body’s way of learning how to
 faculties.  Jersey provides a rebate of up to $5,000   electric vehicles (BEVs), which offer   fight the virus without having to be exposed to it,” said Dr. Hamwi.  Adolescent
 The residency programs at Inspira’s   toward a new EV purchased or leased in   all-electric range, zero emissions, lower   clinical trial participants reported symptoms like those reported by adults who
 hospitals now include:  New Jersey. The incentive is available   fueling costs, and less maintenance, as   received the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, including pain at the injection
 • Family Medicine (Elmer/Mullica Hill   exclusively as a “point-of-sale” rebate   well as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles   site, headache, chills, fever, and fatigue.
 and Vineland)  applied during the purchase or leasing   (PHEVs), which offer limited all-electric   “There have been some reports of myocarditis—inflammation of the heart
 • Internal Medicine (Elmer/Mullica Hill  process at dealerships and requires a valid   range and an optional gas engine for   muscle—and pericarditis—inflammation of the outer lining of the heart—
 and Vineland)  New Jersey driver’s license to get started.   extended travel without charging.  in children who received the vaccine. However, these cases responded to
 • Emergency Medicine (Elmer/Mullica   Only EVs registered and purchased in   The Charge Up New Jersey program is   medication and rest,” said Dr. Hamwi. “Compared to the side effects of COVID-
 Hill and Vineland)   New Jersey are eligible.  funded on an annual basis with $30 million   19, which can include permanent damage to the lungs, heart and brain, the
 • Transitional one-year Multispecialty   “Transportation is responsible for over   from the Plug-In Electric Vehicle Incentive   benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risks.”
 Internship (Elmer/Mullica Hill and   40 percent of the state’s greenhouse gas   Fund, which was established by the EV   We are still learning about COVID-19 and how vaccines will play a continuing
 Vineland)  emissions, as well as harmful air pollution,   Act (N.J.S.A. 48:25-1 et seq.) and signed by   role in our ability to return to some normalcy. We don’t know how long the
 • General Surgery (Vineland)  which often disproportionately impact   Gov. Murphy on January 17, 2020. The EV   vaccines protect us from COVID-19 illness, but we do know that getting
 • Orthopedic Surgery (Vineland)  overburdened communities,” said Joseph L.   Act codified the goal of 330,000 registered   vaccinated should not be delayed.
 • Obstetrics and Gynecology (Vineland)  Fiordaliso, NJBPU president. “Electrifying   light-duty electric vehicles in the state by   “The vaccines are safe and effective. Parents should not be afraid of getting
 • Foot and Ankle Surgery/Podiatry   the transportation sector is a core strategy   2025, putting New Jersey on a path to a   their children vaccinated. While wearing a mask, social distancing and proper
 (Vineland)  of Gov. Murphy’s Energy Master Plan   100 percent clean energy future by 2050.  handwashing have kept us safe, we now have another tool in our arsenal against
 • Critical Care Fellowship (Vineland)   because it will help tackle climate change   For more information and complete   the virus—and it’s the best one we have,” said Dr. Hamwi.
 The history of residency programs at   while improving public health and air   eligibility requirements, visit chargeup.  For more information about the new COVID-19 vaccination guidelines, go to
 Inspira dates back to the 1980s when the   quality. Making EVs more affordable will n
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