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                                                                                Randi Galan State Farm Fosters

                                                                                Fire Safety Education

                                                                                   The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and State Farm Agent Randi
                                                                                Galan are teaming up with the Geraldyn O. Foster Early Childhood Center to sup-
                                                                                port fire prevention and safety education for young children.
                                                                                   State Farm agents are delivering Sparky Educator kits to hundreds of fire
                                                                                departments and school across the country, including the Geraldyn O. Foster
                                                                                Early Childhood Center. Each kit includes a Sparky stuffed animal, a large educa-
                                                                                tor book, lesson plan and books to be distributed to children. The kit is designed
                                                                                to educate preschool through second grade students.  Topics include the impor-
                                                                                tance of smoke alarms, creating a home fire escape plan and more.
                                                                                                                     “These materials capture the atten-
                                                                                                                  tion of young audiences in a fun, but
                                                                                                                  educational way,” said State Farm Agent
                                                                                                                  Randi Galan.  “Many fires are prevent-
                                                                                                                  able and we want to ensure our local
                                                                                                                  kids know how to not only avoid start-
                                                                                                                  ing fires, but what to do in case one does
                                                                                                                     Parents and educators looking for
                                                                                                                  resources online can visit the NFPA
                                                                                                                  Sparky site.  This site offers educational
     Vantage Commercial                   glass swimming pools, spas and tanning                                  videos, activities, games and more.
     Sells Manufacturing                  ledges that are distributed through a                                      “At State Farm, our mission is to help
                                          network of independent, locally-owned
     Facility in Millville to             and -operated professional pool deal-                                   build safer, stronger, better educated
                                                                                                                  communities,” said Randi Galan.  “By
     Leisure Pools                        ers. Since the company’s start in the                                   partnering with the Geraldyn O. Foster
                                          year 2000, Leisure Pools has become a
        Vantage Commercial is thrilled to   global organization helping over 50,000                               Early Childhood Center, we are doing
     announce another successful sale of an   families in 33 countries enjoy their “life                          just that in Bridgeton.”
     industrial property in Millville. The facili-  of leisure”  through the happiness that
     ty, located at 525 Orange Street, was home   comes from enjoying their own swim-
     to Parker Chomerics, a firm specializing   ming pool.                     this past season, and we are very proud   • Kaylee Wagner finished tied for
     in aviation instrumentation glass. After 40   “Leisure Pools will enjoy the facility   of their accomplishments.” The team   3rd in the 11 to 12 Girls 50 Breaststroke
                                                                               included seventy swimmers of ages rang-
     years in Millville the company consolidat-  and have the option for future expan-                             in the Middle Atlantic Virtual Bronze
     ed locations and relocated to Boston, join-  sion with the additional land adjacent   ing from six to 18.     Championships.
                                                                                 Highlights included the following
     ing another division to leverage a larger   to the plant. The Orange Street facility                             • Isabella Saltar finished in 3rd in
     facility. Vantage Commercial was selected   met all of their requirements and owner-  standout performances:  the 13 to 14 Girls 200 Breaststroke in
                                                                                 • Twins Aaron and Reuben Williams
     by the owners of 525 Orange Street to list   ship had a positive experience working   qualified for the YMCA Swim Festival,   the Middle Atlantic Virtual Bronze
     the building and locate a buyer.     with Vantage and the town of Millville,”                                 Championships.
        Ken Richardson, executive director   Richardson said.                  which took the place of the YMCA       Looking to the future, Coach
     and Corinne Giletto, senior advisor at                                    Nationals, and had the same YMCA    Blacksten said, “We are planning on tak-
     Vantage Commercial, represented both                                      national qualifying times.          ing the Vineland Seals year-round. They
                                                                                 • The team dropped time in 90 per-
     the seller and the buyer in the transac-  YMCA Swimmers Score             cent of the swims.                  will compete in both USA and YCMA
     tion. Leisure Pools, headquartered in   Banner Season                                                         meets. We are also planning on having
                                                                                 • Aaron Williams qualified for USA
     Knoxville, Tennessee purchased the     The 2021 swim meet season at the   Swimming Futures Championship, which   a separate team that will swim in dual
     building as they had a need for addi-  Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA fea-                                     meets only.”
     tional capacity on the East Coast. The   tured Seals swimmers making names for   will be held this July 29 to August 1, in   Individuals who are interested in par-
     70,000-square-foot building, including   themselves as well as making personal   Richmond, Virginia.          ticipating in this successful swimming
                                                                                 • Andrew Nelson finished 7th in
     the adjacent 20 acres of land, filled the   progress.                                                         team are invited to contact Blacksten at
     requirements for the fiberglass pool   Head coach Mike Blacksten said,    the 9 to 10 boys 100 Individual Medley or 856-
                                                                               in the Middle Atlantic Virtual Silver
     manufacturer.                        “The team made a lot of advances during                                  691-0030, ext. 156.
        Leisure Pools builds composite fiber-                                  Championships.                                    Continued on next page
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