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             NEWS IN BRIEF

     Save the Date:                       event is sponsored by the Bridgeton   from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cherry Street   Bridgeton Public Schools: “This year’s

     Community Day at                     Area Brothers United  (BABU) and the   Elementary  School located 11 Cherry   Back to School event will be great
                                                                                                                   for the  Cherry Street community.
                                          Bridgeton Board of Education and sup-
                                                                               Street, Bridgeton, NJ. If it rains on August
     Bridgeton School                     port ed by companies and people who   21, the event will be held on  August 28,   Bridgeton Area Brothers United is a
        Come out and join us on Saturday,   believe  in our youth striving to excel in   2021.                     committed and tremendous commu-
     August 21, 2021, from 10:00am to 3:00pm   education.                        Community Advocates of BABU:      nity partner that  provides resources,
     to celebrate our  kids grades K-8th on   Join in on Saturday, August 21, 2021,   Dr. Keith Miles, Superintendent of   scholarships, information, and success-
     going back to school after being home in                                                                      ful minority role models to support the
     2020 because of the Covid-19  Pandemic.                                                                       success of Bridgeton  youth and their
        Kids attending the Bridgeton Public   YMCA Announces Group Exercise Class                                  families.”
     School system, along with their families,   Schedule for Summer, Includes Cardio Drumming                       Karen E. Barnett, CSW, APS, RC
     are invited to enjoy  a day filled with   The Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA has announced its schedule of 29 group   -Director, Bridgeton Municipal Alliance
     playing games, face painting, water slide,   exercise classes to be held throughout this summer. The programs began during   Youth to Youth: “The Bridgeton
     bubble blowing contest, basketball con-  the week of June 24. Most run for eight weeks, ending the week that starts on   Municipal Alliance is eagerly anticipat-
     test, arts and crafts, photo booth, live   August 16. Classes meet one or two times each week. YMCA members and com-  ing aligning our 30 years of providing
     entertainment, special guest speakers, and   munity members aged fifteen and up are invited to participate.   evidence-based prevention and leader-
     much  more.                              New this session is Cardio Drumming. This unusual class will provide a full   ship expertise with BABU.”
        There will be free book bags and    body workout through the use of a barrel and drum sticks, plus a yoga ball. The   David A. Catalana, V.P. of Sales,
     school supplies given out to the first 200   roster also includes several forms of yoga, group cycling, Zumba, strength train-  Cumberland Dairy: “Our family and
     youth attending the  event, free hamburg-  ing, ab and booty boot camp, and more. The earliest class starts at 5:45 a.m., and   Cumberland Dairy have been part of the
     ers, hot dogs and bottled water, and a   the latest begins at 7:30 p.m. They are held Mondays through Saturdays.  Bridgeton community since 1933. We’re
     $1.00 raffle to win a bike and a  computer   Classes are free to YMCA facility members. For additional details of pricing   glad to be supporting the Community
     tablet. There will be vendors available for   and schedules, call the YMCA at 856-691-0030 or check  Day at Cherry Street School and  help-
     people wanting to eat a variety of foods.                                                                     ing to give back to the community that
        A Community Day at Cherry Street                                                                           has supported Cumberland Dairy for
                                                                                                                   years. n

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