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              HEROES                                        Continued from cover

     bear the HERO slogan, “Be a HERO. Be a   the police cruiser. They also are close
     Designated Driver.”                  friends of Bill and Muriel Elliott, found-
        Vineland City councilmen Paul     ers of the HERO Campaign.
     Spinelli and Albert Vargas attended the   “We are grateful to our law enforce-
     ceremony.                            ment partners for helping us save lives
        The Vineland cruiser honors the   by encouraging safe and sober designated
     memory of two fallen heroes—police   driving,” HERO Campaign chairman and
     Sergeant Baron McCoy, who died in    co-founder Bill Elliott said. “With these
     2015, and Mark R. McGinly, who died in   rolling billboards reminding South Jersey
     the Twin Towers disaster on September   residents of the importance of designated
     11, 2001. Mark is the son of William and   driving, we will keep our roads safe from
     Patricia McGinly. Mrs. McGinly’s fam-  the dangers of drunk driving.”
     ily, the Ottingers, are from Vineland,   Other towns with HERO patrol cars
     where Mark was laid to rest. Her brother   are Atlantic City, Linwood, Ocean City,
     is the late Vineland school superinten-  Sea Isle City, Middle Township, Lower
     dent Charles, “Chalky” Ottinger. The   Township and Evesham Township.
     McGinlys donated the HERO wrap for     In addition to law enforcement, the

       Fourth of July is Deadlest Holiday
       for Driving in the U.S.

          We all love to celebrate one or many of our nation’s biggest holidays. Holidays
       like Independence Day or Cinco de Mayo mean parties and fireworks. Ones like
       Christmas or Easter mean time with family and good food. And many of these
       holidays mean time off of work, too, something we all enjoy.
          Sadly, many holidays result in a spike in fatal crashes across the country, with
       more people on the road and a sizable increase in drunk driving incidents.
          In the table below, we’re offering some statistics on the current 10 deadli-
       est holidays for driving in the United States, including the total number of fatal
       crashes on that holiday from 2016 to 2018 and the average number of annual fatal
       wrecks on that holiday during the same time period.

       10 Deadliest U.S. Holidays for Auto Accidents: Three-Year Study

          Holiday     Total Fatal Crashes   Average Fatal Crashes  Rank
          Fourth of July     1,349                450                1
          Memorial Day       1,344                448                2
          Labor Day          1,330                443                3
          Columbus Day       1,326                442                4
          Father’s Day       1,318                439                5
          Mother’s Day       1,252                417                6
          Halloween          1,216                405                7         From left: Vineland City Councilman Paul Spinelli, William McGinly, Vineland Police Captain
          Thanksgiving       1,215                405                8                              Lene Bowers, and Patricia McGinly.
          Veterans Day       1,176                392                9               TOP: Bill Elliott recognizes Mark McGinly, killed on 9/11 at the Twin Towers,
          Cinco de Mayo      1,161                387               10                          and the late Vineland police Sgt. Baron McCoy.

          As you can see, this list compares drinking-heavy holidays, like Independence
       Day, with holidays that see a big increase in traffic, like Columbus Day. These   HERO Campaign partners with bar and   graduating from the U.S. Naval Academy,
       results have changed slightly since our previous ranking of the deadliest holidays   tavern owners, schools and colleges and   where he was named the Outstanding
       to drive. Veterans Day has become a safer holiday to drive, while the top four   professional sports teams to register   HERO of his graduating class. The cam-
       deadliest holidays, three of which are summer celebrations, have merely shifted   thousands of designated drivers annually.   paign also honors the memory of other
       positions among themselves. Cinco de Mayo became a deadly holiday since our   Now in its 20th year, the campaign was   victims of DUI tragedies.  n
       last ranking, moving off of the safest holiday list.                    established in memory of Bill and Muriel
                                                                               Elliott’s son, Navy Ensign John R. Elliott,   For more information on the HERO
          Source:                                            who was killed in a collision with a drunk   Campaign, visit or call
                                                                               driver in July, 2000, two months after   609-626-3880.
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