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 COMMUNITY UPDATE  Pantry Appreciation Day                                                             South Jersey’s Positive
          At the Cumberland Family Shelter, the Southern Regional Food Distribution   NEW
 Officials Say Delta Variant   Center (RDC) provides shelter, all the basic necessities, and social services to our   Radio Station
       homeless population. The Distribution Center works in conjunction with the USDA
 Yet Another Reason To   and the NJDA plus others to provide food to food pantries and soup kitchens for fur-     ON
 Get Vaccinated  ther distribution into their communities. These nonprofit organizations serve Mercer
       through Cape May counties. On Saturday, June 26 at 3 p.m, RDC is hosting a Pantry
 By Ximena Conde, WHYY, June   Appreciation Day event to recognize our fellow pantries for all their hard work every
 16, 2021  day, but especially throughout the pandemic. The event, at their facility at 6140 Mays
 This story is being republished under a   Landing Road in Vineland, is an informal, picnic-type event with food, entertainment
 special NJ News Commons content-sharing   and community.                       TODAY’S
 agreement related to COVID-19 coverage.
 Link to FULL story:                                      HOMEOWNER
 coronavirus-update-officials-say-delta-vari-  works such as cylindrical sparklers, cones,   • Never try to relight or handle malfunc-
 ant-yet-another-reason-to-get-vaccinated/  and spinning sparklers.”  tioning fireworks. Soak them with water    RADIO DELIVERS
 New Jersey’s top health official says   The Consumer Product Safety   and throw them away.  STRAIGHTFORWARD,
 there’s now one more reason for residents  Commission (CPSC) tracks fireworks   • Never place any part of your body
 who haven’t gotten vaccinated against   injuries and reports that there were an esti-  directly over a fireworks device when light-  PRACTICAL HOME
 COVID-19 to reconsider that decision: The  mated 10,000 fireworks-related, emergency   ing the fuse. Move to a safe distance imme-  ADVICE IN A
 CDC has upgraded the B.1.617.2 mutation of  department-treated injuries in 2019, with 73   diately after lighting fireworks.
 COVID-19 to a variant of concern.  percent occurring in the month surround-  • Never point or throw fireworks   FAST-PACED AND
 Previously a “variant of interest,” this   ing the Fourth of July (June 21-July 21).  (including sparklers) at anyone.  FUN FORMAT
 strain of the coronavirus—also called the   During that period, sparklers were the   • After fireworks complete their burn-
 Delta variant—has already been found in 66  number one cause of injuries, accounting   ing, douse the spent device with plenty of
 countries, including the U.S.  for an estimated 900 injuries; 66 percent of   water from a bucket or hose before discard-
 Health Commissioner Judy Persichilli  the injuries were to males. Nearly half of   ing the device to prevent a trash fire.
 said this strain has had an increased pres-  the estimated injuries were to individuals   Small, Non-Aerial Fireworks Safety
 ence in New Jersey over the past four   younger than 20 years of age. In fact, half of   • Only buy from reputable places.
 weeks, but remains a minority, holding at 5  reported sparkler injuries involved children   • Don’t buy if packaging is damaged or
 percent of all sequenced strains.  younger than five.  appears tampered with.
 “Initial evidence suggests that this vari-  According to national CPSC statistics, at   • Don’t try and “fix” broken or “dud”
 ant is more transmissible compared with   least 12 people died from fireworks-related   fireworks.
 other variants … However, vaccines autho- incidents in 2019. Several deaths occurred   • While non-aerial fireworks may be
 rized for use in the United States have been  when victims held and ignited fireworks. In   legal, they can still burn you. Temperatures
 reported to be effective against the B.1.617.2  one of the reported cases in 2019, a 21-year-  of one sparkler can reach about 2,000
 variant, as well as other variants,” said the  old male was critically injured when light-  degrees Fahrenheit and are not toys for
 commissioner.   ing mortar-type fireworks on the rooftop of   children.
     an apartment complex. The firework ignit-  • Never use indoors.
                                            • Always have water handy and follow
 Fireworks-Use Guidelines   ed and exploded while the victim was hold-  manufacturer’s instructions.
     ing it over his head. The victim was taken to
 for Upcoming Holiday   the hospital, where he died five days later.  • NEVER relight a “dud” firework and
 Celebrations   “As the growing number of vaccinated   wait 20 minutes to dispose of properly.         Radio Show
                                             Small, Non-Aerial Fireworks Safe
 In advance of upcoming holiday celebra- persons begins to ease outdoor restrictions   Disposal
     made necessary by the pandemic, there
 tions, Division of Fire Safety Director and   may be a pent-up desire to celebrate dur-  • Completely soak used or “dud” fire-
 New Jersey State Fire Marshal Richard   ing the holiday period. We simply want to   works in a bucket of water and allow them   Every Sunday from 2-4pm
 J. Mikutsky is cautioning residents about   note CPSC statistics and urge everyone to   to soak overnight.
 the use of fireworks during Memorial Day,   instead take advantage of the return, as con-  • Double-wrap soaked fireworks in plas-
 Juneteenth, and Fourth of July, which   ditions permit, of traditional local municipal   tic wrap or a plastic bag to help keep them   Hosted by Danny Lipford, national home improvement expert and
 increase the risk of fireworks injury and   public fireworks displays,” said State Fire   from drying out.  Joe Truini, best selling author & industry expert. Delivering trusted
 property damage.  Marshal Mikutsky.        • Place wrapped bags in regular house-
 “After years of restrictions, our state now                                     advice to help homeowners care for and improve their homes.
        For those who opt to use permitted fire-
 allows non-aerial and novelty fireworks,”   works, the following guidelines apply:  hold garbage.
                                            The Division of Fire Safety serves as the
 said State Fire Marshal Mikutsky. “Part of   • Never allow young children to play   central fire service agency in the State. The
 that permission includes handheld spar-  with, or ignite, fireworks, including spar-  Division is responsible for the development   Tune It.  Stream It. Download It.
 klers. After ignition, the core temperature   klers. Sparklers burn at temperatures   and enforcement of the State Uniform Fire
 of a sparkler can generate a temperature of   of about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit—hot   Code, as well as for implementing commu-
 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. In the hands of   enough to melt some metals.  nity risk reduction and firefighter training
 small children, unaware of the risk, the con-  • Keep a bucket of water or a garden   programs.
 sequences can cause serious harm.  hose handy, in case of fire or other mishap.   For more information about DCA, visit
 “Burn hazards are also associated with   • Light fireworks one at a time, and then or follow the Department on
 other permitted ground-based novelty fire-                                     Music from the 80’s 90’s and today.        POPFM999.COM
     move away quickly.                   social media. n
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