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             NEWS IN BRIEF

     The County Prosecutors               applicant must be a New Jersey resident   To be eligible for the Andrew K.   to, enhancing the rights and well-being

     Association of New                   accepted for admission into a law school.   Ruotolo, Jr. Memorial Scholarship, an   of children through child advocacy pro-
                                                                                                                   grams. The applicant must also demon-
                                          The applicant must have an interest in
                                                                               applicant must be a New Jersey resident
     Jersey, Inc. Announces               pursuing a career as a prosecutor. The   accepted for admission to a law school   strate financial need.
                                                                                                                     To be eligible for the Harris Y. Cotton
     Scholarships                         applicant must also demonstrate finan-  or a graduate school. The applicant must   Memorial Scholarship, an applicant must
                                                                               exhibit an interest in, and commitment
                                          cial need.
        The County Prosecutors Association of                                                                      be a New Jersey resident accepted for
     New Jersey annually awards scholarships                                                                       admission to a law school. The appli-
     to college, graduate and law students.                                                                        cant must have an interest in pursuing a
     Each scholarship is a one-year grant in    Millville Woman’s                                                  career as a prosecutor with an emphasis
     the amount of $3,500 paid directly to the   Club Honors Vets                                                  in Domestic Violence or Hate Crime
     recipient. Scholarship recipients from                                                                        prosecutions. The applicant must also
     previous years are ineligible.               The Millville Woman’s Club                                       demonstrate financial need.
        The County Prosecutors Association                                                                           To be eligible for the John H. Stamler
                                               honors veterans in various ways
     of New Jersey Inc. announces the avail-  throughout the year, but Memorial                                    Memorial Scholarship, an applicant must
     ability of the following scholarships:        Day is a very special time to                                   be a New Jersey resident and sworn law
        • The Oscar W. Rittenhouse Memorial                                                                        enforcement officer seeking education-
                                               remember all of those who have
     Scholarship                             made the ultimate sacrifice for our                                   al advancement on a college or gradu-
        • The Andrew K. Ruotolo Jr.                                                                                ate level to improve his or her effec-
     Memorial Scholarship                   country. It is the Club’s tradition to                                 tiveness as a law enforcement officer.
                                              place a wreath for these veterans
        • The Harris Y. Cotton Memorial       at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery.                                      The applicant must also demonstrate
     Scholarship                            Kathy Bennett and Barbara Scudder                                      financial need.
        • The John H. Stamler Memorial      can be seen here placing the wreath                                      Deadline for submission of applica-
     Scholarship                                                                                                   tions is September 3, 2021. Applicants
        To be eligible for the Oscar W.                    on Memorial Day.                                        will be notified of the Committee’s
     Rittenhouse Memorial Scholarship, an                                                                          decision in October 2021. n

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