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     Millville High Graduates                                                          NEWS IN BRIEF                                     Mickey Brandt
     with Parade at Motorsports Park
        Millville High School held its graduation ceremony on Tuesday, June 15 at Wheaton   Vineland Police        Mural Highlights
     Field. Following the ceremony, a car parade of graduates was held at New Jersey   Department Adopts OPS       Agricultural Heritage
     Motorsports Park. Photos—taken by Bolts Photography (by our kids!) can be viewed at   The Vineland Police Department   A beautiful new mural is being added to
                                                                               recently became one of the first depart-  the outside of a third downtown building
                                                                               ments in the country to adopt the national   as part of Vineland’s Urban Canvases on
                                                                               law enforcement and community policing   The Ave Mural Project.
                                                                               network, known as OPS.                 The new mural pays tribute to the city’s
                                                                                 It creates a secure gateway between law   rich agricultural heritage, as well as the
                                                                               enforcement agencies and the communi-  downtown’s many restaurants, which offer
                                                                               ties they serve. On the system, community   a variety of cuisines.
                                                                               members can interact and partner with law   The mural was made possible in part
                                                                               enforcement in new ways.            through support from the Cumberland
                                                                                 They can provide anonymous tips, get   County Cultural and Heritage
                                                                               alerts, see wanted and missing persons and   Commission, NJ Department of State, and
                                                                               bulletins, download important documents,   Ace Hardware.
                                                                               and share surveillance camera information.  “This 1800-square-foot mural depicts a
                                                                                 OPS also has tools to allow partner law   colorful variety of fresh fruits and Jersey
                                                                               enforcement agencies to coordinate their   vegetables in a café chalkboard type
                                                                               efforts and operate efficiently from any-  design,” said Muralist Erin DiPalma. “The
                                                                               where at anytime to better serve their com-  project is special to me because it will
                                                                               munities.                           enhance the town that I grew up in and
                                                                                 City officials are proud to be one of the   promote small businesses, which are the
                                                                               earliest adopters of the OPS network and   heart of any town.
                                                                               of being a leader in taking a leap into the   “Art s a really powerful way to tell
                                                                               future of policing.                 a story,” said Vineland Mayor Anthony
                                                                                 Readers can visit the Vineland police   Fanucci. “The mural does not just tell the
                                                                               OPS interface at  story of our history, but also of our present.
                                                                               tools.                                 “We hope people feel inspired and
                                                                                                                   enriched by the art being created along
                                                                               Honor a Vet with a                  Landis Ave,” he added.

                                                                               Hero Banner                         Millville PAL:
                                                                                 The City of Vineland is offering individ-
                                                                               uals, families, or other sponsors the chance   Fishing is Back!
                                                                               to honor a veteran with a hometown hero   Millville youth fishing has returned
                                                                               banner on the lampposts along Landis   for the summer of 2021 after losing last
                                                                               Avenue.                             year to the pandemic. The Millville Police
                                                                                 The United Veterans Council is a sig-  Athletic League  (PAL) is seeking mem-
                                                                               nificant partner in the project. The banners   bers who would like to fish every Monday
                                                                               will be on display year-round.      from 10 a.m. until noon throughout the
                                                                                 City Solicitor Rick Tonetta inspired the   summer.
                                                                               program and Mayor Anthony Fanucci, City   The program began on Monday, June
                                                                               Council, and Public Safety Director Edwin   21. Additional activities include charter
                                                                               Alicea implemented it.              boat trips, river walks, hiking, and more.
                                                                                 The large banners will contain the name   PAL members ages 8 to 17 may join the
                                                                               and a photo of the veteran, deceased vet-  fishing and activity outings. PAL supplies
                                                                               eran, or active-duty service member, dates   poles, tackle and bait on a first-come first-
                                                                               of service, and other important information.  served basis. Those older than 16 need a
                                                                                 A banner costs $159 plus tax, payable   fishing license.
                                                                               directly to Sir Speedy of Vineland. Sir   To join PAL or get more information,
                                                                               Speedy can be reached at 856-691-0741, or   visit You may also go to
                                                                               by e-mail at  the main office of any Millville public
                                                                                 Find a link to the program guidelines   school or call Sean Guy at 856-825-7010,
                                                                               and an application on the city’s website—  ext. 7284, Kenneth Sharretts at ext. 7355,
                                                                                        or Sgt. Rick Hott at ext. 7623. n
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