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                                                                                      COMMUNITY UPDATE

                                                                               Daigle was an independent financial advisor   nomic development boards within his
                                                                               with The Investment Center, Inc.    community and has coached dozens of
                                                                                 “Through my conversations with clients,   soccer teams in Southern New Jersey.
                                                                               I’ve seen first-hand how important it is for   Daigle and his wife SuZanne live in
                                                                               people to have local access to actionable   Millville and have five children.
                                                                               investing help and guidance that makes   Daigle expects to hold a variety of
                                                                               sense for their specific financial goals,” said   educational investing workshops in the
                                                                               Daigle. “I’m proud to be the face of Schwab   Vineland-Millville branch, which are
                                                                               in Millville and surrounding communities.”  complimentary and open to Schwab cli-
                                                                                 Daigle is a graduate of Harvard   ents as well as the general public.
                                                                               University with a bachelor’s degree in eco-  With the health and well-being of cli-
                                                                               nomics. He is currently the president of the   ents and branch teams being a top prior-
                                                                               Greater Millville Chamber of Commerce   ity, Schwab branches maintain enhanced
                                                                               and the president of the Kiwanis Club of   safety measures that reflect best prac-
                                                                               Millville. He has served on numerous eco-  tices outlined by the Center for Disease   Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as
                                                                                                                                                     regulations set by local authorities. These
                                                                                                                                                      steps include:
                                                                                 Inspira Offers Technology to Detect Lymphedema                          • Cleaning of high-touch items
                                                                                                                                                      throughout the day
                                                                                   Inspira Health now offers the lat-  hospitals in our region to offer lymph-  • Observing social distancing among
                                                                                 est technology for the early detection   edema prevention and early detection   employees and branch visitors
                                                                                 of lymphedema, a common complica-  as a service to our patients,” said Dr.   • Spacing of appointments and contact-
                                                                                 tion of breast cancer treatment. It can   Nandini Kulkarni, M.D., medical director   less servicing options for check deposits
                                                                                 occur when surgery or radiation therapy   of Surgical Oncology for Inspira Health.   and paperwork
                                                                                 impact the body’s lymph system, reduc-  Lymphedema is a leading post-  • Providing masks and hand sanitizer for
                                                                                 ing its ability to drain excess fluid. Now, a   treatment complication for many   visitors and employees
                                                                                 sophisticated but simple scan can detect   cancer patients. It is most common in   Clients can also work with Schwab
                                                                                 even the earliest stage of fluid buildup in   breast cancer patients who have their   through a variety of digital and virtual
                                                                                 an at-risk person’s arm, hand, underarm   lymph nodes removed or who undergo   channels, including on and the
                                                                                 or breast. It is estimated that approxi-  radiation that impacts the lymph nodes.   Schwab Mobile App.
                                                                                 mately one in three people who undergo   Additionally, 6 to 12 percent of breast   Schwab’s Vineland-Millville branch will
           MENTAL HEALTH                                                         lymph node dissection (surgical removal)   cancer patients who have a sentinel node   also serve all the communities in Cape May
                                                                                 as part of their breast cancer treatment   biopsy (a diagnostic procedure to test if   and Cumberland County areas.
             URGENT CARE                                                         will experience clinically significant   cancer has spread beyond the original
                                                                                 lymphedema.                       tumor) will also develop lymphedema.   Vaccines Available at Free
                                                                                   Using the ImpediMed SOZO device,   To learn more about Inspira’s breast
            Get the help you need when you                                       clinicians can detect small changes in   cancer program or to make an appoint-  Concert Series for Month
           need it! Mental Health Urgent Care                                    fluid. When a fluid buildup is detected   ment visit or   of June
          provides adults immediate access to                                    very early—before it can be recognized   call 1-800-640-8989.          By NOAH ZUCKER,
          services in a welcoming environment.                                   visually or with a measuring tape—spe-                              TAPintoCamden, June 4, 2021
                                                                                 cialists at Inspira can take steps to greatly   Tracy Worrell of Mullica Hill is scanned   This story is being republished under a
                                                                                 reduce the risk of it developing into clini-  for Lymphedema by Inspira medical   special NJ News Commons content-sharing
                                                                                 cally significant lymphedema, thereby   assistant Toni Wilson with the ImpediMed   agreement related to COVID-19 coverage. Link
              Get Help Today!                                                    preventing or minimizing symptoms.   SOZO device. Worrell is at elevated   to FULL story:
                                                                                                                   risk for lymphedema because she had
                                                                                 Lymphedema symptoms can include    16 lymph nodes removed as part of her   tions/government/articles/vaccines-available-
                                                                                 weakness, stiffness, numbness, pain and   treatment for breast cancer.  at-free-concert-series-for-month-of-june
                                                                                 loss of function in the hand, arm, chest,                              Local officials are hoping that live music
                                                                                 breast, or underarm areas. In some cases,                           will be a good incentive to get people in the
                                                                                 the symptoms can be debilitating.                                   city vaccinated.
                                                                                    With the SOZO device, fluid changes                                 All the county’s Summer Park Concert
                                                                                 as small as 2.4 tablespoons can be detect-                          Series events during June will have vac-
                                                                                 ed. The scan takes less than one minute                             cines available, including the two events in
                                                                                 and is available at Inspira’s Mullica Hill                          Camden’s Wiggins Park.
                                                                                 and Vineland cancer centers.                                           On June 28, tarting at 7 p.m., there will
                                                                                   “Cancer survivorship is growing rap-                              be a show featuring the group Vertical
             1420 Lincoln Ave. | Vineland, NJ 08361                              idly as a result of improved treatments                             Current with Isaiah Ktumwa.
           856-537-2310 |                                    and we are proud to be one of the first                                “We’ll have... vaccines available to the
                                                                                                                                                     public, anyone that might want it,” said Dan
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