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              XPERIENCE XSPERO                                 PHOTO: BELLE CO                                       Xspero Featured
                                                               FROM PEXELS
     Community                                                                                                       Merchant: BJ Roasters

                                                                                                                       BJ Roasters in downtown
                                                                                                                     Millville is known for the secret
                                                                                                                     blend it uses for its dry rub. Wings
                                                                                                                     from BJ Roasters are the perfect
     Xspero helps you to be part of the                                                                              addition to your graduation parties!   hese days, most everybody agrees
                                                                                                                     BJ Roasters also has rotisserie and
     local business and charitable communities.                                                                      fried chicken, hot and cold sand-     that the use of body-worn cameras
                                                                                                                     wiches, salads, soup, and more.   Tby police is a good thing. Without
                                                                                                                     Don’t forget to use your Xspero   these body cams, we might not be privy
        Being a part of a community isn’t just   When you download the Xspero app on   munity member than just financial support,   app and 20 percent of your digital   to a whole host of situations, whether it
     about what location you live in or where   your phone and select your favorite charity   however. When you’re part of a community,   gift card purchase goes right to   involves excessive use of force by police or it
     you work. Being a part of a community is   to support, you join the Xspero commu-  you form a connection. Through that con-  your favorite charity!    shows police restraint and professionalism.
     also defined as “a feeling of fellowship with   nity. It’s a community of givers. Using your   nection you feel a deeper sense of belong-        Contrary to what some think it shows both.
     others as a result of sharing common atti-  Xspero app to purchase digital gift cards to   ing and often, a sense of security. You have          To my way of thinking, the presence of
     tudes, interests, and goals.” So when you’re   local businesses is an easy way to give back   people to go to who have your back.                body-worn cameras by police has brought
     part of a community, it doesn’t just benefit   to those doing good in our community. With    With Xspero, we’re working toward                   a level of transparency and accountability
     the community; you benefit, too!     each Xspero purchase, 20 percent goes to   helping our community thrive and now                             that’s been absolutely necessary.
        When you are part of a community,   your selected charity and you not only visit a   that South Jersey is really starting to open               In the last few months, lawmakers in
     you’re part of a support system. You sup-  local business but also help them pay for their   back up, it’s more important than ever to           New Jersey required all police depart-
     port other members of the community,   advertising. And it doesn’t cost you anything   support the local small businesses and area               ments to equip their officers with body
     and they support you. We see this all the   extra! You’re not digging in your pocket to   charities. Events are starting to return and           cameras and also provided the resources
     time when the local barbershop supports   donate more; you are getting the full value of   whether it is a farmers market, a festival            to help departments achieve compliance.
     the kids’ Little League team or when the   your purchase, but 20 percent goes to your   or a golf outing, there are ways to support              The Attorney General’s office drilled down
     corner salon buys an advertisement in the   favorite charity. Giving feels good and it really   your favorite charities and small businesses     further and provided policies and guidance
     local dance studio’s recital booklet. Xspero   feels good when it doesn’t cost you anything   all summer long.
     works to help make it easy for members of   but a few seconds of your time!   Start shopping with Xspero and help build                          with regard to the use of the cameras as well
     the community support each other.      There’s so much more to being a com-  your community! n                                                   as the video produced by these devices.
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