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                                                                                                                        PER DAY
 • Lifting the mask mandate in indoor     services to lawful permanent residents.                                       PER DAY
 public spaces.   Vineland Soup Kitchen   USCIS expects to award 33 organiza-
 • Businesses and entities overseeing     tions up to $250,000 each for two years
 indoor spaces will continue to have the   Needs You  through this opportunity. Applications
 ability to require masking for employ-  Join the Vineland Soup Kitchen   are due by July 16, 2021.  GIVEAWAY
 ees, customers, and/or guests.   this season and help make a differ-  • Refugee and Asylee Integration
                                                                                                   LISTEN & WIN
 • Per CDC guidance, masks will   ence in our community. The soup   Services Program: This grant opportu-
 continue to be required in health care   kitchen is currently seeking volun-  nity will provide extended integration
 settings, including long-term care   teers to assist in the kitchen and help   services with a focus on individualized   LISTEN & WIN
 facilities and office-based settings, cor-  serve meals to patrons. If you have a   programming to former refugees and
 rectional facilities, homeless shelters,   few hours, one or more mornings per   asylees to attain the skills and knowl-
 and on planes, buses, trains, and other   week (Monday through Friday), come   edge required for successful citizenship.
 forms of public transportation, as well   meet others in the community while   It will also provide other services that
 as transportation hubs such as airports   doing work that really makes a differ-  foster a sense of belonging and attach-
 and stations.  ence. To inquire, e-mail volunteer@  ment to the United States. The program
 • Additionally, also per CDC guid-   has expanded eligibility to include lawful
 ance, child care centers and facilities,   permanent residents who were admitted
 youth summer camps, and public, pri-  als, memorial services, performances, and   or entered the United States as Cuban or
 vate, and parochial preschool program   other catered and commercial events,   Haitian entrants or individuals admit-
 premises and elementary and secondary   which is currently at 250 people.  ted on a Special Immigrant Visa. USCIS
 schools, including charter and renaissance   • Removing 30 percent capacity limita-  expects to award six public or nonprofit
 schools, are not affected by this announce- tion for indoor large venues with a fixed-  organizations with experience in serving   POP FM 99.9 is giving away $1,000
 ment and continue to be governed by   seating capacity over 1,000.  refugees up to $300,000 each for a period   every weekday for 8 weeks!
 existing requirements.                   of two years through this opportunity.   Each weekday from April 19th
 • Indoor worksites that are not open     Applicants must design an integration
 to the public remain governed by existing   Open Application Period   support program that provides a suite   through June 11th we will announce
 health and safety protocols that employers  for Citizenship and   of services to program beneficiaries to   a specific keyword at 9am, 12pm and
 must follow.  Integration Grant Program  promote long-term civic integration and   again at 3pm
 • Masks will continue to be required in   citizenship. Applications are due by July
 public-facing state offices, such as Motor   U.S. Citizenship and Immigration   16, 2021.  Listeners have 999 Seconds to enter
 Vehicle Commission agencies.  Services is accepting applications for   USCIS expects to announce award   that hours keyword at
 • Lifting the six-foot social distancing   two funding opportunities under the   recipients in September 2021.
 requirement.   Citizenship and Integration Grant   Since 2009, the USCIS Citizenship and
 • The requirement will be lifted in   Program (USCIS). The grant opportu-  Integration Grant Program has awarded   One winner will be drawn randomly
 businesses, including retail stores, per-  nities will provide up to $10 million in   about $102 million through 473 grants to   from all entries received each day.
 sonal care services, gyms, recreational and  grants for citizenship preparation pro-  immigrant-serving organizations. These
 entertainment businesses, and casinos,   grams in communities across the country.     grant recipients have provided citizen-
 and indoor gatherings, including religious   These competitive grant opportunities   ship preparation services to more than
 services, political activities, weddings,   are open to organizations that prepare   279,000 lawful permanent residents in 39
 funerals, memorial services, commercial   lawful permanent residents for natural-  states and the District of Columbia.
 gatherings, catered events, sports compe-  ization and promote civic integration   To apply for these funding opportuni-
 titions, and performances.  through increased knowledge of English,   ties, visit USCIS encourages
 • Businesses and entities overseeing   U.S. history, and civics. USCIS received   applicants to visit before the
 indoor spaces can continue to require   support from Congress through appro-  application deadline to obtain registra-
 social distancing should they choose.  priations to make these funding opportu-  tion information needed to complete the
                                                                                                                                    GOOD LUCK
                                                                                                          ENTER ONLINE
 • Lifting prohibition on dance floors   nities available to communities.  application process.  LISTEN   ENTER ONLINE              GOOD LUCK
 at bars and restaurants. The prohibition   USCIS seeks to expand availability of   For additional information on the
 on ordering and eating/drinking while   high-quality citizenship and integration   Citizenship and Integration Grant   Listen to POP FM 99.9   You have 999 Seconds to   One winner will be drawn
                                                                                 weekdays at 9am, 12pm &
                                                                                                        go to to
                                                                                                                              randomly from all entries
 standing at bars and restaurants will also   services throughout the country under   Program for fiscal year 2021, visit uscis.  3pm for keyword  enter keyword.  each day!
 be lifted.  the Citizenship and Integration Grant   gov/grants or email the USCIS Office of
 The following changes will go into   Program:  Citizenship at citizenshipgrantprogram@          Sponsored By
 effect Friday, June 4:  • ºCitizenship Instruction and
 • Removing the general indoor gather-  Naturalization Application Services: This   For more information on USCIS and
 ing limit, which is currently at 50 people.  opportunity will fund public or nonprofit   its programs, visit or follow
 • Removing the indoor gathering limit   organizations that offer both citizenship   us on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube,
 for political gatherings, weddings, funer-  instruction and naturalization application   Facebook, and LinkedIn. n  856.358.3100
                                                                                                                       Visit for complete contest details.
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