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     Rowan (CB2R) program—a competitive,   of cutting-edge research that will shape
     biomedical research program for under-  their future professions,” explained Diane   every weekday for 8 weeks!
     represented students, made possible by   Trace, the College’s Dean of STEM.   Each weekday from April 19th
     the College’s premier partnership with   “Additionally, the skills built through
     Rowan University and funding through   these research opportunities are an asset   through June 11th we will announce
     the National Institute of Health. The pro-  to students as they move on to four-year   a specific keyword at 9am, 12pm and
     gram provides scientific skills boot camps,   institutions and eventually into the job   again at 3pm
     research workshops, seminar series, spe-  market.”
     cialized academic courses, the opportu-  Federico graduated from RCSJ       Listeners have 999 Seconds to enter
     nity to attend and present at medical sym-  last week in a commencement cer-  that hours keyword at
     posiums, and a paid research experience   emony where she was recognized as
     during sophomore year. Federico was   “Outstanding Student of the Year” on the
 exclaimed. “Science, Technology,   also assigned a mentor of her own, to help   Cumberland campus. She plans to follow   One winner will be drawn randomly
 Engineering, Mathematics—all amazing!   keep her inspired and on-track.  CB2R’s path to Rowan University for her   from all entries received each day.
 You never know when it might be useful.”  “I’ve got to thank CB2R, because   bachelor’s degree this fall, before heading
 A huge fan of the free academic   without it I would not be standing right   to either the Rowan School of Medicine
 resources at RCSJ who is on a first-name   here, being a Biological Science major,”   or Cooper Medical School at Rowan
 basis with Tutoring Center staff, Federico   Federico admitted. “I love my mentor,   University for her doctorate. Ultimately,
 embraced opportunities to pay it forward   Cynthia. I always ask her questions about   she plans to return to Cumberland County
 to her fellow students as she progressed   all of my school activities and my aca-  to give back to her community through
 in her studies. She took on paid student   demic plans.”  a career in emergency medicine. Even
 worker positions as a STEM Pathways   CB2R has opened Federico’s eyes to   with so much to look forward to, Federico
 mentor and an academic coach, and found  the importance of research within the   admits that she will miss her time as a stu-
 immense satisfaction in encouraging other  medical fields, how to understand and   dent at RCSJ.  LISTEN
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 students, coaching them, and watching   incorporate new findings, and that learn-  “RCSJ is there for you; they’re your   LISTEN  ENTER ONLINE  GOOD LUCK
 their grades soar.  ing is truly a lifelong calling for a doctor.   support system. My advisors, professors   Listen to POP FM 99.9   You have 999 Seconds to   One winner will be drawn
 “I’m very passionate about help-  She credits the program for helping her to   and the staff there have been a bless-  weekdays at 9am, 12pm &   go to to   randomly from all entries
 ing people—especially my peers,” said   better understand the threat of COVID-19   ing and help.” Federico reflected. “I tell   3pm for keyword  enter keyword.  each day!
 Federico. “I wanted to help because I   and become more vigilant in keeping her-  everyone to take advantage of this school.   Sponsored By
 needed help when I first went to college. I  self and her loved ones safe and healthy,   It’s a great college. I love it and I’m going
 was in their shoes.”   as well.          to miss it.”
 Federico still finds time to dedicate to   “Research programs like CBR2 allow   Find the right major for you at
 her own academic advancement. She is a   RCSJ students to begin building an or visit
 participant in the Cumberland Bridge to   academic network of peers and men-  AcademicSupport to learn about CB2R
     tors, while providing insight into areas   and other academic support programs. n                    856.358.3100

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