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     it doesn’t get more local                                                        COMMUNITY UPDATE

                                                                                Bill Would Create Pilot            from imposing inequitable fees for the
                                                                                Program for Regional               purpose of generating revenue, a prac-
                                                                                                                   tice that disproportionately burdens
                                                                                Municipal Courts in                communities of color and the poor.
                                                                                                                      “Clearly, municipal court regionaliza-
             Alliance to Prevent Alcoholism and Drug Abuse                      Three Counties                     tion could improve the quality of justice
                        creating healthy & safe communities                        Legislation sponsored by Senate   at the local level at the same time that
                  Vineland Municipal Alliance                                   President Steve Sweeney that would   it produces taxpayer savings,” Senator
                                                                                create a pilot program for the region-
                                                                                                                   Sweeney concluded.
                                                                                alization of municipal courts was     The Supreme Court’s working group
        he mission of the
       The mission of the Vineland Municipal                                    approved by the Senate Judiciary   found that more than 100 municipal
                        ineland Municipal
       Alliance is to engage community members
       A llianc e is t o engage c ommunit y members                             Committee today.                   courts handled fewer than 20 filings a
                       o help r
               ogether t
           ork t
                                 e the
       t to work together to help reduce the                                       The legislation, S-3049, would estab-  week in the previous year, including
        o w
               e misuse
                      , under
                            age alc
       substance misuse, underage alcohol                                       lish a program in at least three counties   three that had handled no cases at all.
       c onsumption, and t obac c o usage r a t es t o                          with no fewer than five municipalities in   The regional courts would have juris-
       consumption, and tobacco usage rates to
                                                                                each county to assess the effectiveness
       create a welcoming environment in which                                  of consolidation. The specific counties   diction over all matters falling within
                                   t in which
            e a w
                  oming en
       families can f eel saf e and enjo y their  liv es .                      and municipalities would be determined   the jurisdiction of the municipal courts
       families can feel safe and enjoy their lives.
                                                                                                                   that are part of the pilot program. All
                                                                                by the Administrative Director of the   fees and fines collected by the regional
        For membership information or meeting schedules, please visit our       Courts in consultation with county   municipal courts would be shared on a
        Facebook page: or call 856-794-4131.            assignment judges.                 pro rata basis equivalent to the costs of
                                                                                   “The New Jersey Supreme Court   operating the regional system.
                           Governor’s Council on                                Working Group on Municipal Courts     The bill would allow any county that
                GCADA ALCOHOLISM & DRUG ABUSE                                   strongly recommended consolidating   has previously considered municipal
                                                                                the state’s smaller municipal courts as   court consolidation on a countywide
         Supported by funds from the Vineland Municipal Alliance and the Governor’s Council on   a means of promoting efficiency and
                 Alcoholism & Drug Abuse through the Vineland Health Department                                    basis to be included in the pilot program.
                                                                                cost savings,” said Senator Sweeney   The pilot programs would begin
                                                                                (D-Gloucester/Salem/Cumberland).   hearing cases one year following enact-
                                                                                “Another committee formed by the   ment of the legislation.
                                                                                Chief Justice found that consolidation   The committee vote was 8-2 with one
                                                                                would help prevent municipal courts   abstention.
           MENTAL HEALTH
             URGENT CARE                                                      stand how to better communicate with   exclaimed. “Science, Technology,
                                                                              people who have many different diseases   Engineering, Mathematics—all amazing!
                                                                              and disorders.”                      You never know when it might be useful.”
            Get the help you need when you                                       College brought the Federico women   A huge fan of the free academic
           need it! Mental Health Urgent Care                                 even closer, as mother provided daughter   resources at RCSJ who is on a first-name
          provides adults immediate access to                                 tips on all the best classes and her favorite   basis with Tutoring Center staff, Federico
          services in a welcoming environment.                                professors. She encouraged her daughter   embraced opportunities to pay it forward
                                                                              to be proactive, ask for help when she   to her fellow students as she progressed
                                                                              needed it, and take advantage of every   in her studies. She took on paid student
                                                                              opportunity that came her way—some-  worker positions as a STEM Pathways
              Get Help Today!                                                 thing Federico took to heart.        mentor and an academic coach, and found
                                                                                                                   immense satisfaction in encouraging other
                                                                                 She spent extra time getting to know
                                                                              her professors, attended every on-campus   students, coaching them, and watching
                                                                              event she could and took on the role of   their grades soar.
                                                                              social media coordinator for the cam-   “I’m very passionate about help-
                                                                              pus’ Student Government Association.   ing people—especially my peers,” said
                                                                              Federico also became an eager participant   Federico. “I wanted to help because I
                                                                              in the STEM Club—an organization for   needed help when I first went to college. I
                                                                              which she recently served as president   was in their shoes.”
                                                                              and an eager recruiter.                 Federico still finds time to dedicate to
                                                                                 “I don’t care what your major is,   her own academic advancement. She is a
                                                                              you should join the STEM club,” she   participant in the Cumberland Bridge to
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           856-537-2310 |
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