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{ 2 }  SNJ Today  |  MAY 19, 2021                                                                                     MAY 19, 2021  |   { 3 }
     income residents, racial and ethnic minor-  The Authority hosts three Household                               some how responsible our Cumberland
     ities, those with limited English profi-  Hazardous Waste and Document                                        County residents are being, properly
     ciency, persons with disabilities, children,   Shredding events each year. The                                disposing of their household hazardous
     and older adults.                    Household Hazardous Waste and                                            waste with us.”
        The individual municipalities in the   Document Shredding events provide                                      “I am happy with the turnout and pos-
     SJTPO region are responsible for their   Cumberland County residents with an                                  itive feedback from the public, employ-
     TA Side-Aside projects. The SJTPO is   opportunity to safely and properly dis-                                ees, and vendors regarding the event,”
     the MPO covering Atlantic, Cape May,   pose of their household waste as well as                               added Household Hazardous Waste and
     Cumberland, and Salem Counties in    shred their personal and financial docu-                                 E-Waste Coordinator, Nathan Farrell.
     southern New Jersey. The SJTPO serves   ments.                                                                “I am looking forward to serving more
     as a technical resource, provides access to   Household hazardous waste includes                              Cumberland County residents at the
     federal funding, and works to provide a   materials such as oils, gas, antifreeze,                            upcoming June 12th event.”
     regional approach to address transporta-  batteries, cleaning and garden chemicals,                              In addition to its environmental
     tion planning and engineering issues.   oil-based paints, corrosives, propane                                 related initiatives, The Authority is
                                          tanks, fluorescent bulbs, and electronic                                 responsible for the development, financ-
     The Authority Hosts                  waste. In total, 703 Cumberland County                                   ing and project management of projects
     Household Hazardous                  residents attended the April event, which                                and programs most vital to sustaining the
                                                                                                                   economic and environmental future of
                                          resulted in over seven tons of hazardous
     Waste and Document                   waste being collected.                                                   Cumberland County and the state of New
                                            The next Household Hazardous
     Shredding Event                      Waste and Document Shredding events                                      Jersey. The Authority works in tandem
                                                                                                                   with the Cumberland County Board of
        The Authority hosted its first    will be held on Saturday, June 12 and                                    Chosen County Commissioners to fos-
     Household Hazardous Waste and        Saturday, September 11 from 8 a.m.                                       ter greater economic growth, business
     Document Shredding event on Saturday,   until 2 p.m. at The Authority’s Solid                                 development and quality of life for all
     April 10. Co-sponsored by the City of   Waste Complex.                                                        Cumberland County residents.
     Millville, Cumberland County Utilities   County Recycling and Clean                                              For more information on Cumberland
     Authority, and Landis Sewage Authority,   Communities Coordinator, Emma Nolan   The Authority’s staff work diligently to   County’s municipal drop-off cen-
     the event was held at The Authority’s   said, “We had a great turnout at the   help county residents dispose of their   ters, visit
     Solid Waste Complex located at 169 Jesse   April Household Hazardous Waste and   household hazardous waste.   uploads/2021/04/03.2021-Drop-Off-
     Bridge Road, Millville, NJ 08332.    Document Shredding event. It is awe-                                     Brochure.pdf. n

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      Resiliency and Adaptability...


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