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       others scanned the parking lot looking   taking action, and I hope it will be action
       for their loved ones before making their   that balances all the various challenges   on
       way to them. They hugged and they   and interests that we have. But right
       kissed their families and friends, but   now, we’ve had really good success with
       then it was time to go.            the hot spot teams.”
          “Let’s get out of here!” one yelled   Murphy did not offer any details as to
       quickly after the first group of was   what steps might be taken.
       released.                            Hot spot teams are working with local
          Johnnice Hamilton, finally reunited   health departments to increase testing,
       with her mother, said she was glad to be   contact tracing, community engage-
       out.                               ment and enforcement measures in areas
          “This is a wonderful feeling,” she   with outbreaks. So far, those teams have
       said from the backseat of her mother’s   been deployed to nine of New Jersey’s
       car after being released. “This was the   21 counties, as well as to major popula-  Tune in Every Saturday
       worst experience of my life being in that   tion centers like Atlantic City, Elizabeth,   Morning  8am-11am for your
       prison.”                           Lakewood and Newark.                  country favorites from the                                brought to you by
          Serving time for sexual assault, she   While deploying hot spot teams will   80s, 90s and 2000s hosted
       said at least two women died in the pris-  continue, Murphy said, “we collectively, all   by country artist Tracy Lawrence.
       on with COVID-19. One of them, Tiffany   of us, think we need to augment that with
       Mofield, 43, reportedly was begging for   some broader steps. It’s not either-or.”                               The
       help shortly before she died.        Murphy‘s comments came as he
          “She died right in front of my eyes,”   announced 2,104 new positive Covid-
       Hamilton recalled. “It was horrible.   19 cases for a statewide total of 247,219                                  Perspective
       I was going to the kiosk room and I   since March 4, along with 12 more coro-
       remember her yelling and telling them   navirus-related deaths. More than 16,400                                         Morning Show
       she couldn’t breathe. I remember them   residents are believed to have died as a                                          with John & Yamira
       not going to her right away.”      result of the pandemic. There were 1,224
          As cars made their way down the long   hospitalizations, the highest in months.
       drive leaving the prison, inmates could   New Jersey, like much of the rest
       be seen in the cars with bright smiles.   of the country, is seeing an increase of
       Many waved to the officers directing   Covid-19 cases, which Murphy and other                                                             
       traffic.                           administration officials believe indicates
                                          the early stages of a second wave.
                                            Despite the rising number of cases,
       New Jersey ‘Close’ to              the Murphy administration has not rolled
       Announcing New Steps               back any reopenings or implemented                                       		  

       to Combat Spread                   new limits on gatherings.                                
                                            “While we are seeing cases related                       
                                          to activities such as sports or school or                  
          By Samantha Maldonado, Politico                                                                                 Tune In -- Top Of The Hour
       New Jersey, November 5, 2020       day care or workplaces, the majority of                    		       
        	       • Hyper local news & events
          This story is being republished under a   our cases are not easily traced back to a       Sunday’s 11am- 1pm    • Local weather
       special NJ News Commons content-sharing   single exposure and are likely related to                                • National newsbriefs, special
       agreement related to COVID-19 coverage.   routine gatherings in places such as your   DANIELLELIN                  reports and breaking news
       Link to story:  homes,” said Judith Persichilli, the state                            brought to you by CBS New Radio.
       sey/story/2020/11/05/new-jersey-close-to-  health commissioner, reminding resi-  THE ART OF LIVING AND SCIENCE OF LIFE
       announcing-new-steps-to-combat-spread-  dents to continue taking precautions and
       of-covid-1334608                   wearing masks.
          New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy indi-  Last week, Newark imposed an 8 p.m.
       cated Thursday that he’s preparing to   curfew on indoor dining and nonessential
       roll out new statewide restrictions to   retail after case totals and spot positiv-
       combat the increased spread of Covid-  ity in the majority-minority city spiked.
       19 in the state.                   That action was soon followed by the
          “How close are we to doing some-  city of Hoboken, whose leaders acted to
       thing? Close,” he said in response to a   limit dining and enact stricter penalties
       reporter’s question during his regular   for indoor gatherings of more than 25   Tune It.   Stream It. Download It.
       briefing in Trenton. “We will be clearly   people. n

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