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                                             OCTOBER 28, 2020
                                                                                           VOLUME 13  • ISSUE 33

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     Autumn Splendor                                                                                   COMMUNITY UPDATE

     These	pigments	                                                                                   Public Health Emergency Extended
                                                                                                         On Saturday, Gov. Phil Murphy signed Executive
     are	not	of	your	                                                                                  Order No. 191. The Order extends the Public Health
                                                                                                       Emergency that was declared on March 9, 2020
     imagination.	Fall	                                                                                through Executive Order No. 103, which was previ-
     foliage	is	at	its	                                                                                ously extended on April 7, May 6, June 4, July 2,
                                                                                                       August 1, August 27, and September 25.
     peak	of	color	                                                                                      Murphy did so even as he was under self-quaran-
     here	and	beckons	                                                                                 tine for exposure to a member of his senior staff who
                                                                                                       recently tested positive for COVID-19.
     all	to	get	out	for	a	                                                                             highest daily figure since May,” Murphy stated on
                                                                                                         “Today’s new COVID-19 case count marks our
     drive	or	a	hike.	                                                                                 Saturday. “As we face a steep increase in cases, it

                                                                                                       could not be more important to ensure we have access
                                                                                                       to all available resources. Keeping New Jerseyans
     By Deborah Boerner Ein                                                                            safe is our highest priority, today and every day. We
                                                                                                       are again extending the Public Health Emergency in
           iving in eastern North                                                                      order to do exactly that.”
           America among expan-                                                                          Executive Order No. 191 extends all Executive
     Lsive deciduous forests,                                                                          Orders issued under the Governor’s authority under
     we are treated each year to one                                           Parvin State Park is one   the Emergency Health Powers Act. It also extends
     of the best fall color displays in                                       of several outdoor spaces   all actions taken by any Executive Branch depart-
     the world. Average peak color                                               suggested by njHiking.  ments and agencies in response to the Public Health
     in New Jersey is October 19                                        Emergency presented by the COVID-19 outbreak.
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