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                                             SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
                                                                                           VOLUME 13  • ISSUE 29

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     Voters Polled                                                                                     COMMUNITY UPDATE

                                                                                                       State of Emergency
     We take to the streets to find out concerns about the varied voting                               Continues in New Jersey

     landscape presented to voters this election season.	By Ahmad Graves-El
                                                                                                         Gov. Phil Murphy today signed Executive Order
                                                                                                       No. 186. The Order extends the Public Health
                                                                      lection time is just around the   Emergency that was declared on March 9, 2020
                                                                      corner and many people have
                                                                 Eexpressed skepticism about the       through Executive Order No. 103, which was pre-
                                                                 validity of the process.              viously extended on April 7, May 6, June 4, July
                                                                                                       2, August 1, and August 27. Under the Emergency
                                                                   This year, due to the worldwide
                                                                 spread of the novel coronavirus, U.S.   Health Powers Act, a declared public health emer-
                                                                                                       gency expires after 30 days unless renewed.
                                                                 government and state officials made the
                                                                 decision to conduct this year’s local and   “As we enter the Fall season, it is important to con-
                                                                 general elections via mail-in voting.   tinue to take all steps necessary to save lives and stop
                                                                                                       the spread of COVID-19 in our state,” said Murphy.
                                                                   Mail-in voting began during the Civil
                                                                 War to allow soldiers in battle the oppor-  “Maintaining our access to all resources available is
                                                                                                       critical, and an extension of the public health emer-
                                                                 tunity to still participate in the electoral
                                                                 process even though many were far away   gency will allow us to continue making progress
                                                                 from their home states.               against this virus.”
                                                                                                         Executive Order No. 186 extends all Executive
                                                                   Interestingly, the reactions of the
                                                                 politicians in the 1860s regarding mail-  Orders issued under the Governor’s authority under
                                                                                                       the Emergency Health Powers Act. It also extends
                                                                 in voting are eerily similar to the way
                                                                 they’re reacting to this subject in 2020.   all actions taken by any Executive Branch depart-
                                                                 According to an article written by Nina   ments and agencies in response to the Public Health
                                                                                                       Emergency presented by the COVID-19 outbreak.
                                                                 Strochlic, published August 14, on
      PHOTO: COURTESY CUMBERLAND                                                                                        More Community Update on page 4
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