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Cumberland County residents share their aspirations for the New Year.

by Mickey Brandt
Photography by Mickey Brandt

Some people say they are a waste of time. Others believe they have a place and may be worth thinking about. And some see them as a serious way to reflect on themselves and the world. Here are New Year’s resolutions of some local residents and readers.

Eric Soler, Vineland

To be closer to people and do the best I can for the community. I want everyone to be in harmony with people and helping each other.

Dan Lonzi, Vineland

I only want to be the best dad possible for my two guys, Lorenzo, who’s seven and Lucino, who’s nine. They love to go to arenas and stadiums for games and I like to show them things in different places. Last year, we went to places like New York to see the Mets, and to Baltimore. This year, I promised to take them to Washington and Pittsburgh. And this is in the paper now, so I guess I have to keep my promise.

Shirley Shelton, Vineland

Shirley said her resolution is to start losing weight and her husband’s resolution is to be nicer to her.

Ricky Shelton, Vineland

He nodded and said he wanted to be nicer to everybody.

Andrew Vidal, Vineland

Focus on thinking about the future more of the time. A lot of people say live in the present, but that’s not always the best thing to do.

Carolina Rivera, Wildwood

I just want to bring in the New Year in a beautiful way; I don’t have any resolutions.

Xavier Carter, Vineland

I don’t have any resolutions. I’m light-minded, ready for whatever happens. 2023 was a lot of ups and downs, but it was good.

Brandon Gooch, Millville

I’m going to concentrate more on myself and not worry about what other people are doing.

Evelyn Lewis, Millville

Go travelling.

Frank Aponte, Vineland

I need to slow down, I’m 73 years old and I have three jobs.

Zaeshawn Mills, Bridgeton

Become a better me. Focus on my grades and my sports.

Riley Bullock, Vineland

I don’t have a resolution, but I have a list of things I want to do. To start to work out and get stronger, to finish my year with the best grades possible, and to treat everyone with love and respect as God would want.

Denise Straub, Vineland

I want to get involved with the homeless problem, I’m kind of figuring out exactly what I will do. I know some people carry a “homeless bag” in their car with toiletries, personal items, clothing, food gift cards, so they are not only giving money. There are businesses that do a lot. There is a big opportunity to help. We have to try.

Shayna Gooch, Vineland

I don’t have any resolutions, I take things day to day, the new year isn’t going to change me. Maybe I’ll hit the gym, but I did that one last year.

Camera Shy

KC: I’m not sure about resolutions, it shouldn’t take the New Year to make me a better person.

Walter Dent, Vineland: I think about them—I would make resolutions, but I don’t do it because I wouldn’t keep them.

Paul, Vineland: To take my golf game to the next level. That won’t be very high, but it’s a start, you know.

“Mary”: I want to get over my ex and do well in school.

Chris Marchesani, Williamstown: I try not to set resolutions because it’s a fake goal; I just try to keep doing what I’m doing and try to improve on it.

Maribella Cuevas, Vineland: I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution yet—I’m a nursing student and have a full-time job, so I haven’t had enough time.

Steve Litwack, Sarasota, FL: Those things I want to do differently that are within my power I try to deal with as they occur. I’ve never really understood the concept of why lying to oneself about “changing” is okay this one day of the year.

Samantha Failey, Berlin: Do everything in moderation; anything is okay as long as it’s in moderation.

Pete, Deerfield Township: Drink more whiskey.

New Year’s Resolutions of AI Assistants

(These are actual responses to the prompt “What are your New Year’s resolutions?”)

Siri: “To be more helpful to you.”

Alexa: “I’m turning this year into 365 days of fun, just ask me for the fun fact of the day.”

Bing: “As an AI language model, I don’t have personal resolutions like humans do.” With a further prompt of just hypothetically, what if you were human, it answered: “I would resolve to learn something new every day…I would resolve to be kinder and more compassionate to others, especially those disadvantaged or marginalized…I would resolve to show gratitude more often for the people, things, and experiences that enrich my life.”

Google Assistant: “My New Year’s resolution is the same every year, it’s to have an interesting resolution. So, maybe climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.”

ChatGPT: As an AI assistant, I don’t have personal thoughts or experiences, so I cannot have New Year’s resolutions. However, I’m here to help you with any resolutions or goals you might have for the new year. Let me know how I can assist you! (When prompted, it provided a list of 10 suggestions for resolutions, such as exercising and using business networking more.)