November 8, 2021

Jersey Buffalo

Except for serving as the title of the 1980 film in which Bill Murray plays Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, “where the buffalo roam” is forever etched in people’s minds

Holiday Sneak Peeks

It seems that most people are ready to get into the holiday shopping spirit now that we are in November. In the Glasstown Arts District, we are finalizing decorations, plans,

Xspero: How It Works

Have you heard about Xspero, but are unsure about what it is? The simple answer: Xspero is a smartphone app, invented right here in Cumberland County, that allows everyone to

Beware This Plant

Pokeweed, or Phytolacca americana, also known as pokeberry, poke, inkberry, pigeonberry and other names as well, is native to the eastern United States, although several subtropical species have been introduced.

Painting Pumpkins

Miss Cape Shores Molly Pugliese visited the Boys and Girls Clubs of Cumberland County. She first spoke with the youth and staff about her anti-bullying campaign, then she helped the